Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh, Happiness

Do you know what my favorite day of the week entails?

Cleaning, laundry, organizing, and basically straightening up and simplifying my life. Usually I do this on Saturdays, but I like doing it on a day Colin works so that I have the house to myself. Am I crazy for loving this day? Perhaps.

Usually after doing all my chores, it is so much easier to relax and enjoy the rest of the week carefree. Then I can focus on cooking, reading, practicing music, and spending quality time with Colin and our kitties. What can I say? I am a habitual organizer. And I love that about myself.

We took down our tree (oh, the pine needles everywhere!) and other Christmas remnants last night. Sad, I know. I just love Christmas. But it is over and time to move on to the new year to come! Today I am also putting away the last of my Christmas presents. My parents spoiled us again, of course. Yesterday I got to go shopping with a gift card and Christmas cash! Oh, joy! I got some great deals on clothing, pajamas, jewelry, and books.

After several recommendations, I purchased Crazy Love by Francis Chan and The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I am excited to begin these and pray I can get myself to sit down, relax, and get into the books. I have too much energy I guess! My mom gave me some cute tea mugs with sayings on them about hope and faith, etc. I will have to have some delicious tea with my books.

I hope your Christmas was well and inspirational for the year to come. I pray you hold Jesus in your hearts a little tighter today.

Love to all,


  1. That is pretty cool that you spend one day organizing, cleaning etc and actually enjoy it. I normally end up putting it off until things get bad lol. Happy holidays.

  2. Wow, look at you go - all clean and organized!! I will wait til later this week i think. I always hate taking down the Christmas decorations, it makes me sad. It sounds like you had a very nice Christmas - minus the fountain. :P Hehe. Thanks for commenting and understanding.

  3. You are not crazy at all for organizing and enjoying your home....I do the same :)

    Yea for the new books! I have read the HELP and could not put it down! Miss Skeeter and Minnie kept me far too entertained :) Enjoy the book, its fabulous and I was deflated when it ended, as I wanted it to go on and on. I got books for Christmas too and can't wait to start Condolesa Rice's memoir.

    Happy New Year Sweet Friend!

  4. I totally understand about the cleaning and organizing giving such a wonderful feeling. When struggling with IF, you feel so much is out of your control. When it comes to cleaning and organizing, I FEEL SO IN CONTROL....and that makes me happy. I might steal your suggestions for books:) Have an enjoyable time!

  5. I feel good when all the chores are done as well. I like to get up early and get them all done before noon. It's such a wonderful feeling. Glad you had a good Christmas, wishing you many blesings in the New year!

  6. When you get finished you can come clean and organize for me :) I've been in that mode to. We read Francis Chan's "Forgotten God" and it was really good.

  7. Just stumbled across your it! I totally hear you on the organization thing...just knowing everything is in its place is relaxing!!